ROTW: Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha

The follow-up to Drone Logic from 2013, Song For Alpha sees Avery dig even deeper than its predecessor, into a place where subtle ambient textures overlap stunningly produced psychedelic dancefloor moments that sound a world apart from the current widely-accepted definition of techno. This is Avery’s world, creating almost cinematic backdrops to pin his machine-like rhythms to. A world where deep chords and 303 meanderings, completely drowning in layers of reverb,

ROTW: Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha

make way for warm and sophisticated melodies that provide a contrasting light to the prevailing darkness. On Song for Alpha, Daniel Avery manages to almost join the dots back to a time when the UK was the dominant force in global techno, while at the same time providing a perspective that sounds as fresh and forward-thinking as anything out there at the moment. If you are looking for the perfect antidote to the bargain-bin techno of today, then look no further, this is quite possibly the record you need.

Where to start:
‘Projector’ – completely mesmerising.
‘Slow Fade’ – AFX referencing wonderment.
‘Diminuendo’ – next-gen Alphawave.

Previous from:
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Daniel Avery – Song For Alpha is out now on Phantasy Sound.