ROTW: DJ Bone - Beyond

DJ Bone has no doubt been an essential piece of Detroit techno since the early 90’s, his Subject Detroit label has delivered some of the most seminal tracks within the sacred genre, and over two decades later he’s still going strong as an independent artist. His latest offering on the label finds him bring us a superb 11-track record that merges the world of his native Detroit sound with minimally leaning arrangements and a real back to basics, less is more approach. It’s a fitting example that you

ROTW: DJ Bone - Beyond

don’t always need to rely on stadium filling melodies or speaker blowing drops to get people moving to your sound. Bone’s use of echo delays and smooth releasing filters bring a real sense of the future on some tracks and despite the simplicity, Bone’s experience lets him checks boxes some of todays producers can’t reach for.

Where to start:
‘Motion (AM)’ – Melodic perc pulses and punchy kick drums
‘Dreamers 7’ – Cheerful rhythms with a minimal focus
‘Tru Definition’ – The biggest bassline on the album

Previous from DJ Bone:
Riding The Thin Line EP (2017, Anotherday)
A Piece Of Beyond LP (2018, Subject Detroit)

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DJ Bone’s Beyond LP is out now on his Subject Detroit imprint.