ROTW: DJ Koze - Knock Knock

German DJ and producer DJ Koze has always been someone who has wrote his own story, never giving in to the ‘popular’ nature of electronic music, sometimes going so far outside the box that he blends together the sounds of electronica, hiphop, blues and house, and his latest Knock Knock album is no different. Delivering his third studio album as DJ Koze, he adds to Kosi Comes Around and Amygdala with 16 original tracks that span from the downtempo sounds of Bonfire to the

ROTW: DJ Koze - Knock Knock

house-driven Mano Le Tough collaboration Planet Hase. The album is not short of vocals either, with Music On My Teeth featuring a gorgeous topline from Mute Records artist Jose González. Eddie Fummler, Sophia Kennedy, Róisín Murphy and Kurt Wagner also feature on the tracklist with vocals, plus a vocal sample of Gladys Knight on Pick Up. The album is out now via Pampa Records, a label DJ Koze started with Marcus Fink in 2010.

Where to start:
‘Music On My Teeth’ – Relaxed vocals and smooth guitars sit alongside each other
‘Illumination’ – Róisín Murphy sings on top of incredible bassline and drum work
‘Lord Knows’ – A drum-focused introduction to DJ Koze’s talents

Previous from DJ Koze:
DJ Koze – Reincarnations, Pt. 2 (2014, Pampa Records)
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DJ Koze – Knock Knock LP is out now on Pampa Records.