ROTW: DJ Q - Est. 2003

One of the most successful names in UK garage music, and Huddersfield native, DJ Q returns to Local Action for the release of his newest studio album, ‘Est. 2003’. The record, which saw the bulk of its production happen throughout a global pandemic, includes 11 fresh DJ Q cuts, and lists credited features from names like Todd Edwards, Hans Glader, Shola Ama, Star.One, and others. It consolidates all the expected talking points of the DJ Q sound, from the skippy percussive rhythms and punchy

ROTW: DJ Q - Est. 2003

kick drums, to the sultry, reverb-drenched vocal chops and deeply rooted low end flavours, it does exactly what it says on the tin, pure garage and bassline from start to finish. A few of the tracks, such as ‘I Can’t Stay’ and ‘Love Me Like’ supply a healthy dose of heartfelt songwriting in the vocal department, while ‘I Couldn’t See’ and ‘Heavy Like Lead’ bring plenty of weight in the form of smooth bassline rumbles and stomping drum hits. It’s an excellent addition to Q’s catalogue, and the garage genre as a whole, expect to hear it on repeat across UK clubs and radio playlists over the next few months and beyond.

Where to start:
Speedy Gs: Filtered organ chords and harmonising vocals
Thief in the Night: Choppy synth riffs meet big basslines and punchy drums
All That I Could: Dense low end sits below rhythmic vocal hooks

Previous from DJ Q:
Ineffable LP (2014, Local Action)
All Night LP (2018, DJ Q Music)

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DJ Q – Est. 2003 LP is out now on Local Action.