ROTW: DJ Seinfeld - Mirrors

From the moment DJ Seinfeld’s “U” appeared on various tastemaker channels back in 2017, his career began to take off on an upward trajectory. He’s since released a full length album with Lobster Theremin, curated his own edition of the renowned DJ-Kicks compilation series, and most recently, dropped his second LP, “Mirrors”. The subsequent album arrives via British label Ninja Tune, who have also released music from the likes of Bicep, Peggy Gou, and TSHA this year. Combining 10

ROTW: DJ Seinfeld - Mirrors

smooth and sultry club tracks which rinse through everything from dance, to deep house, to breakbeat, to electronica, the album adds a new level of expertise to the DJ Seinfeld arsenal. The past few years have seen the Swedish musician become known for his creatively distorted, lofi dance sound, though “Mirrors” see’s him take a step back and go for a more matured approach to the production side of things. The drum transients are sharp and precise on almost every track, and the vocals cut through each mix in a clean and well balanced way. It’s also quite void of any real filler, not every track on the album is overwhelmingly good, but there’s nothing that you’ll want to skip past because it falls short of the mark, something very few albums actually manage. Below you can find our recommended starting points for “Mirrors”, alongside some previous releases from DJ Seinfeld and a few other suggestions if you’re feeling this one.

Where to start:
She Loves Me: Percussive breaks and uplifting melodies
The Right Place: Dreamy house track with vocals from Teira
Someday: Nostalgic dance cut with big drums and piano chords

Previous from DJ Seinfeld:
Time Spent Away From U LP (2017, Lobster Theremin)
Parallax EP (2019, Young Ethics)

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DJ Seinfeld – Mirrors LP is out now on Ninja Tune.