ROTW: DJ Spider - Democide

Over a decade of making moves in the music industry has seen New Jersey born Rob Hampton release with outputs like Rekids, Killekill and The Trilogy Tapes under his DJ Spider project, not to mention having founded Plan B Recordings, Sublevel Sounds and BTU Music during the same period. This month the American house and techno purveyor makes a return to Green Village, a label from his home state that has previously hosted Ali Asker, Dakini9 and Franklin De Costa. Following his 1º

ROTW: DJ Spider - Democide

EP from March 2017 and his inclusion on the labels Village Elders compilation, Spider brings his third artist album, and his first to come on a label that he doesn’t own himself. His Democide LP is a superbly eclectic, deeply experimental concoction of alien-like synth textures and spotless percussion transients, packaged in a uniquely house tinged folder that’s impossible to really pigeon hole.

Where to start:
‘Warhead’ – Drowsy synth slurs and relaxed percussion rhythms
‘Repeat Offender’ – Take a journey with live drums and hypnotising sound design
‘Alien Implant Removal’ – Eclectic, sci-fi drenched beat with churning drums and quirky bleeps

Previous from DJ Spider:
Human Erosion Field EP (2017, Out Electronic)
Wire Head EP (2017, Rekids)

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DJ Spider’s Democide LP is out now on Green Village.