ROTW: Donato Dozzy - Magda

Italian techno royalty returns to our feeds this month as Rome-based artist Donato Dozzy releases his brand new ‘Magda’ long player, which includes 6 tracks for a total run time of around 51 minutes. The former Panorama Bar resident turns to the slow burning, almost hypnotic end of the techno spectrum for this one, leaning heavily on ambient-esque soundscapes which are built from colourful streams of filtered synth melody and at times subtle but highly effective drum sounds. The

ROTW: Donato Dozzy - Magda

record is devoted to both Dozzy’s family and the Adriatic sea – the body of water between Italy and Croatia – and holds a lot of personal and introspective emotions in the tempo and harmony of the tracks. Despite 4 of the 6 tracks being above 8 minutes, and the longest stretching beyond 10, there’s little to no chance of you ever getting bored while listening to the album. His ability to pull you in and hold your attention is second to none, and should be appreciated as much as the sounds themselves.

Where to start:
Magda: Unhurried flow of warm synth sounds and deep kick drums
Franca: Multi-layered wall of filtered melodies
Lucrezia: Colourful melodies met with lightweight drum work

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Donato Dozzy – Magda LP is out now on Spazio Disponibile.