ROTW: Ellen Allien - AurAA

Berlin’s history has been anything but peaceful, though years of economic hardship and creative suppression inspired some of the best artists we’ve seen in our lifetime, and included on that list is Ellen Allien. Since the ‘90s, Ellen has leveraged her strong passion for dance music to perform all-night-long, marathon DJ sets, that have without doubt set her self above almost everyone else to come out of the German capital and her own Bpitch Control imprint has also allowed the

ROTW: Ellen Allien - AurAA

likes of Camea, Dillon, Shlomi Aber and Sunil Sharpe to share their own music with a wider audience. Now releasing her third album since 2018, Ellen’s impressive workrate once more brings another essential inclusion to our record collection. AurAA delivers 9 new productions that fall under techno, IDM, acid and house, with the main takeaways being heavy drum hits, smooth acid resonance and heavily processed vocal hooks which together present a synth-driven, industrially-touched, power to the people techno album. Whether or not she will aim to make it four albums in four years is still up in the air, but between 2018’s Nost LP, 2019’s Alientronic LP and the new AurAA LP, we have more than enough Ellen Allien to enjoy right now.

Where to start:
‘True Romantics’ – Lean percussive rhythms and tough bass textures
‘Traum’ – Slamming kick drums and polished synth melodies
‘Confusion’ – Bubbling soundscapes built from synth resonance and filtered percs

Previous from Ellen Allien:
Alientronic LP (2019, BPitch Control)
Nost LP (2018, BPitch Control)

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Ellen Allien’s AurAA LP is out now on BPitch Control.