ROTW: Feiertag - Dive LP

Dutch musician Joris Feiertag follows up his 2021 released debut long player ‘Time To Recover’ with his second career studio album, ‘Dive’. His past works have seen him release music from his Feiertag moniker on imprints such as Last Night On Earth, Boogie Angst, Majestic Casual Records, and Sonar Kollektiv – the latter of which also plays host to new record.’ Dive’ features just 8 tracks and comes in around the 32 minute mark, but for what it lacks in length, it makes up for ten fold in quality. Joris has vast

ROTW: Feiertag - Dive LP

experience as a professional drummer, and his rhythmic ability shines bright across the entire album. Sound wise it’s quite an eclectic project, crossing into the realms of house, ambient, UK garage, electronica, and a few other more left-field sub genres. He combines a rich collection of expertly dialled in basslines, uplifting and multi-layered guitar melodies, and loose percussive sounds that dance effortlessly between the other sounds.’ Living In Slow’ brings a glitchy soundscape of chopped up vocals and string melodies, ‘Vivid & Hazy’ features thrilling drum climaxes that welcome filtered breakdowns that send off resonance-tinged synth notes, and ‘How U Do It’ ticks all the boxes for fans of big and bold house anthems that feature smoothed out string pads and hypnotic vocal lines. It really is an album that has a little something for everyone, while still delivering heavily as a whole, and one we’ll no doubt be coming back to quite a bit in the future.

Where to start:
Living In Slow: Tumbling percussion, pitched vocals, and plucky melodies
Cala: Broken drum rhythms meet smooth basslines in a harmonising climax
How U Do It: Chunky house jam with warping basslines and playful vocals

Previous from Feiertag:
Time To Recover LP (2021, Sonar Kollektiv)
At Last EP (2017, Last Night On Earth)

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Feiertag – Dive LP is out now on Sonar Kollektiv.