ROTW: Flying Lotus - Yasuke

Flying Lotus is certainly no stranger to working on original soundtracks for film and TV, though his most recent expedition into the world of OST’s is definitely his most impressive so far. Teaming up with Tokyo-based American director and producer LeSean Thomas, Flying Lotus jumps on board to soundtrack and executive produce the new Netflix-backed anime Yasuke. The final soundtrack is a whopping 26-track album that spans just 43 minutes in length, with the longest inclusion

ROTW: Flying Lotus - Yasuke

coming in just under 3 minutes. Feature wise it’s quite sparse, with only 4 tracks bringing credited collaborations, though the ones that are present are extremely impressive, and sound right at home amongst the vast number of titles. Thundercat and Denzel Curry both jump on a track each, while Niki Randa contributes to two separate productions. Existing Flying Lotus fans will love this one, with it’s precisely measured and well crafted percussive rhythms, dreamy instrumentation, and intelligent arrangements that continuously build emotion, it brings all the positive traits that the American beatmaker has become known for. Below you can find our go-to starting points for this one, as well as some previous Flying Lotus records and similar albums that we recommend you check out.

Where to start:
Black Gold – Whirling synth textures and caressing vocals from Thundercat
Crust – Laidback, rhythmic, and thought-provoking hiphop beat
African Samurai – Percussive drum hits topped off with a rap from Denzel Curry

Previous from Flying Lotus:
You’re Dead! LP (2014, Warp Records)
Flamagra LP (2019, Warp Records)

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Flying Lotus’ Yasuke LP is out now on Warp Records.