ROTW: Fred again.. - Actual Life 3 (January 1st - September 9th 2022)

In the span of less two years, British born music producer Fred again.. has gone from being an emerging name on the UK scene to now being one of the biggest artists in the world. His 2021 released track ‘Marea’, which features the iconic “we’ve lost dancing” clip from The Blessed Madonna, became one of the most played dance tracks throughout the pandemic, and he’s since laid claim to one success after another. With a Boiler Room set which has amassed more than 8 million plays in

ROTW: Fred again.. - Actual Life 3 (January 1st - September 9th 2022)

three months, collaborations with Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia, and the freshly minted release of his ‘Actual Life 3’ album, Fred again.. is having another mind blowing year in 2022, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.’ Actual Life 3’ is his third album in around 18 months, and consolidates some of his biggest productions from this year, as well as a few new cuts which we haven’t heard before. It glides effortlessly through a multitude of genres, with house, rave, r&b, garage, and breakbeat coming and going at different times. It lists 13 tracks in total, though the first and last titles are very short snippets which realistically don’t add much at all. Elsewhere you can find upbeat dancefloor anthems like ‘Delilah’ and ‘Danielle’, the more melancholic and heartfelt ‘Winnie’ and ‘Berwyn’, and the deeply visceral percussive driven sounds of ‘Kelly’ and ‘Kammy’. It’s distinctly a Fred again.. project, and one which tops off the lockdown-fuelled Actual Life series in the best way possible.

Where to start:
Delilah: A burst of energetic harmonies and softened vocal samples
Danielle: Tightly packed bassline met with playful vocal work and punchy drum sounds
Kelly: Roaring percussive hits sit between looping vocal chops and filtered synth melodies

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Fred again.. – Actual Life 3 (January 1st – September 9th 2022) LP is out now on Atlantic.