ROTW: Fred again.. & Brian Eno - Secret Life

Fred again.. and Brian Eno join forces on their collaborative ‘Secret Life’, a deeply introspective exploration of melodic landscapes and atmospheric textures. Spanning 11 tracks across 44 minutes, the album combines Eno’s more than 50 years of composition experience with Fred again..’s refreshing approach to production and quirky sampling techniques. It comes via Four Tet’s renowned Text Records label, an imprint which since 2001 has released music from keynote artists like Burial, Anthony

ROTW: Fred again.. & Brian Eno - Secret Life

Naples, and Thom Yorke. The records sound stretches across melodic, downtempo, and ambient, as string, piano, guitar, and vocal sounds intertwine to create a rich aural tapestry that carries the listener through a swirl of colourful harmonies. From open to close, ‘Secret Life’ maintains a captivating grip on your attention span. Each composition is carefully measured, demonstrating the duo’s meticulous awareness of every detail, and the blending of Eno’s expertise with Fred again..’s approach to song writing results in a fusion of old and new which sounds familiar, yet innovative. Four Tet’s statement of it being “the most beautiful album of 2023” rings true, as this collaborative gem will be cherished by millions for years to come.

Where to start:
Secret: Hazy ambience of piano, string, and vocal melodies
Enough: Dreamy organ chords layered with gleaming vocal samples
I Saw You: Softened chords, looping vocal chops, and emotive strings

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Fred again.. & Brian Eno – Secret Life LP is out now on Text Records.