ROTW: Fumiya Tanaka - Right Moment

Japanese selector and music producer Fumiya Tanaka has been a guiding force for Kyoto’s club scene. Now returning for the release of his fifth studio album, Tanaka makes another appearance on Perlon. The German imprint, owned by Zip and Sammy Dee, has released experimental, unrestrained house and techno from artists like Ricardo Villalobos, San Proper and Cassy. His Right Moment LP supplies eight brand new productions, which together bring a melting pot of groove heavy, club

ROTW: Fumiya Tanaka - Right Moment

focused gems. Fans of anything from KiNK or Legowelt will enjoy this one, with its firmly rooted drums, rich low end and playful approach to robust dance music. It showcases Fumiya’s deep skillset while also proving how much stipped back club music still has to offer.

Where to start:
‘Welcome To Chaos’ – Rumbling bass and thumping kick drums
‘Live Like Music’ – Rhythmic club music with an overcasting ambience
‘Forever Friends’ – Busty drums, a dense low end and spaced-out synth pads

Previous from Fumiya Tanaka:
You Find The Key LP (2016, Perlon)
AB & CD EP (2018, Perlon)

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Fumiya Tanaka’s Right Moment LP is out now on Perlon.