ROTW: Gabe Gurnsey - Diablo

British producer Gabe Gurnsey, known for his work as Factory Floor, made a big statement with the release of his debut longer player ‘Physical’ back in 2018, and this month returned to Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound imprint for his sophomore studio album, ‘Diablo’. The 10-track record was produced alongside both Tilly Morris and Erol Alkan, and embraces a generous supply of house, electro, synth pop, rave, and acid sounds. It continues on the drum machine littered path that ‘Physical’ laid

ROTW: Gabe Gurnsey - Diablo

out, and combines sweeping filter envelopes and glistening synth licks with hypnotic vocal lines and dense low end rumbles. It’s a sound which works well in almost any listening environment, and should find a lot of success on radio playlists and in small room club sets, though for anyone going solo, you’ll want to throw it at a decent set of speakers or headphones to really get the full Gabe Gurnsey experience.

Where to start:
Push: Lean drum hits, bubbling bass tones, and hypnotic vocal lines
You Remind Me: Filtered basslines meet pulsating club rhythms
Higher Estates: Tightly packed synth riffs and snappy drum rolls come together

Previous from Gabe Gurnsey:
PHYSICAL LP (2018, Phantasy Sound)
Falling Phase EP (2015, Drone)

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Gabe Gurnsey – Diablo LP is out now on Phantasy Sound.