ROTW: Gabe Gurnsey - Physical

British producer Gabe Gurnsey is probably known to most people for his work with Nik Void under their Factory Floor project. Now releasing his first debut solo album, Gurnsey serves ‘Physical’ to Phantasy Sound and [PIAS]. At fourteen tracks in total, the record offers a ton of material to sink your teeth into. Aiming to give a distinction between his own work and the FF sound, Gabe said: “The album is very escapist in one sense even though I don’t want to escape from Factory Floor but what I do

ROTW: Gabe Gurnsey - Physical

on my own has to be separate and it has to explore new avenues.” Physical combines a subtly nostalgic approach with modern day club music, with tracks offering harmonising late night drive anthems, clean cut minimal rhythms, filthy dancefloor focused basslines and more, which overall definitely get you in the mood to misbehave a little.

Where to start:
‘Night Track’ – Relentless rolling bass paired with rhythmic vocals and a ton of great sound design
‘New Kind’ – Upbeat synth work and drowsy vocals
‘I Get’ – A dancefloor ready tune with lean basslines and stiff drums

Previous from Gabe Gurnsey:
Gabe Gurnsey – Falling Phase (2015, Drone)
Factory Floor – 25 25 (2016, DFA)

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Gabe Gurnsery’s ‘Physical’ is out now on Phantasy Sound and [PIAS].