ROTW: George FitzGerald - Stellar Drifting

London’s George FitzGerald returns this month for the release of his third career studio album, and his third under the guidance of Domino Recording Co. ‘Stellar Drifting’ consists of 10 fresh FitzGerald productions which are fine tuned down to the very last detail. While quite a lot of todays album releases come across as a thrown together mess of two or three hits and a load of subpar filler, ‘Stellar Drifting’ is a well measured balance of pop-tinged electronica and club-friendly dance cuts, which differ in

ROTW: George FitzGerald - Stellar Drifting

style as the record progresses, but don’t once drop the needle in terms of quality. ‘Passed Tense’ and ‘Cold’, the former of which features a vocal from Panda Bear, put one foot into pop territory, which suits George’s bright and melodic style of electronica perfectly. ‘Rainbows and Dreams’ supplies a vocal from Irish songwriter SOAK, alongside a resonance-touched sound of softened house drums and shimmering melodies. Elsewhere on the project things fall under a similar description, with different variances in the weight of the percussion, and the rhythm of the drums. ‘Retina Flash’ and ‘The Last Transmission’ submit to a much more ambient soundscape, with the latter also having the pleasure of featuring London Grammar in its title. ‘Betelgeuse’ combines pitched up vocal chops with skippy percussive rhythms, and ‘Ultraviolet’ delivers a somewhat chaotic mix of energetic drum rhythms and swirling melodies. It’s hard to label it as George’s best work to date, as his previous two long players were so damn good. Though it definitely stands tall alongside the other two, and will definitely be amongst contenders as one of the best albums for 2022.

Where to start:
Rainbows and Dreams: Dreamy synth chords meet harmonising vocals from SOAK
Cold: Emotionally charged, pop-tinged dance track
Betelgeuse: Pitched up vocals, plucky melodies, and skippy percussive rhythms

Previous from George FitzGerald:
Fading Love LP (2015, Domino)
All That Must Be LP (2018, Domino)

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George FitzGerald – Stellar Drifting LP is out now on Domino Recording Co.