ROTW: HVL - Rhythmic Sonatas

Gigi Jikia has become an essential piece of a complex puzzle through his devotion to the Georgian techno scene under the HVL moniker. The Tbilisi based DJ and producer has been a resident with the cities famed Bassiani club since it’s opening in 2004, and now he brings his second studio album to their in-house label, which has released tracks from Marquis Hawkes, Vril and DJ Nobu. Following on from his 2018 debut album, Ostati, which arrived via Organic Analogue Records, his

ROTW: HVL - Rhythmic Sonatas

Rhythmic Sonatas LP delivers ten eclectic and creative productions that are familiar enough to comfortably find their place amongst the Bassiani catalogue. Without doubt, being techno at its core, the record consolidates rich lines of acid resonance, broken drum rhythms and shapeshifting melodies that flow from track to track, playing off filters and sequenced arpeggiators to breathe life into a sound that’s heavily stitched into the history of Georgia.

Where to start:
‘Badskit’ – Acid growler tinged by dreamy vocals
’Noboru’s Arp’ – Heavily filtered, rhythm busting arp melodies dance around here
‘Eyes In The Sky’ – Techno drums, alarming resonance, and a main room edge

Previous from HVL:
Ostati LP (2018, Organic Analogue)
Midmiva EP (2018, Tabernacle)

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HVL – Rhythmic Sonatas is out now on Bassiani.