Anna Müller and Paul Wallner have been producing vibrant and deeply harmonising electronic music together as HVOB since 2012. It didn’t take them long to find their spot amongst Europe’s club scene, and they have since released music with Stil Vor Talent, Tragen Records, and Universal Music. Now a decade on, the Austrian pair celebrate the release of their sixth album, and team up with [PIAS] to do so, a label which has previously been responsible for records from Daniel Avery, Soulwax,


and Apparat.’ Too’ brings a broad, yet targeted, sound that touches on aggressive techno, softened electronica, deep house, and ambient. Tracks like ‘Bruise’ and ‘Kid Anthem’ speed off the line with hammering kick drums and destructive basslines, before slamming on the breaks and turning toward wispy vocal hooks and gentle piano chords, it’s an uncommon form factor that’s quite contrasting, but one that works well with the sounds of HVOB. Elsewhere you find inclusions like ‘The Lack Of You’ and ‘Capture Casa’, which lean much more into the realm of house. Using punchy percussive grooves and repetitive synth riffs to build rhythm and harmony around the accompanying top lines. There are no tracks that jump out as certified future classics, but it’s a worthy contender for your collection, and a refreshingly eclectic piece of music among todays cookie cutter landscape. Listen to the album in full below.

Where to start:
Kid Anthem: Thumping techno meets harmonising piano melodies
The Lack Of You: Tightly packed drum grooves and softened vocals
A Piece Of Me: Dynamic and constantly evolving electronica sounds

Previous from HVOB:
Rocco LP (2019, [PIAS])
Trialog LP (2015, Tragen Records)

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HVOB – Too LP is out now on [PIAS].