ROTW: Hybrasil - Ten

Artists like Phil Kieran, Ian O’Donovan and Matador have been reppin’ Irish techno internationally for years, and have inspired an entire generation of aspiring producers in the process. One such creator of Emerald tinged club sounds is the Irish-born, now Berlin-based Hybrasil, who since relocating to the German capital a few years ago has become a fully-fledged member of the Rekids family, where he also released his debut album, Embers, back in 2019. Now bringing the follow up to Embers,

ROTW: Hybrasil - Ten

Hybrasil delivers his second artist album, Ten. The project is an all-out techno affair, with a generous serving of loud kicks and roaring basslines coming in from start to finish. For anyone who’s a fan of names like Robert Hood or Alan Fitzpatrick, Ten should find itself a snug home in your collection, and might even push a few of your favourites to the wayside. Below you can find our recommended starting points for Ten, alongside some previous releases from Hybrasil and a few similar albums if you want to continue down the techno rabbit hole.

Where to start:
Divano: Spirtual, uplifting, and heavy-set
Bridge48: An all-out club weapon
De03: Robust and unrelenting techno cut

Previous from Hybrasil:
Embers LP (2019, Rekids)
The Truth EP (2019, Hydrozoa)

If you like this then check out:
Robert Hood – Mirror Man (2020, Rekids)
Planetary Assault Systems – Straight Shooting (2018, Mote Evolver)

Hybrasil’s Ten LP is out now on Hybrasil.