ROTW: Inner City - We All Move Together

Iconic Detroit DJ and producer Kevin Saunderson has seen incredible success during his career, and perhaps more so with his Inner City project, having released multiple chart toppings LPs and singles. Now reviving the project in 2020, Kevin teams up with his son Dantiez Saunderson and vocalist Steffanie Christi’an for Inner City’s first studio album in almost 30 years. The 12-track record combines many different sounds, from the beefy kick drums and crisp hi-hats to the uplifting vocals and

ROTW: Inner City - We All Move Together

club-ready basslines, it also features input from both ZebrA OctobrA and Idris Elba. Some of the tracks, such as ‘Your Love On Me’ and ‘Save Me’ will remind you of Inner City’s flagship anthems, like Good Life and Big Fun, while ‘I Can Feel My Heart Again’ offers something more suited to an OST. One thing that definitely stands out while listening through the album is the clean production quality, which of course wasn’t possible on previous Inner City albums, due to the limited technology at the time. It makes you wonder how a 2020 remaster of Paradise might do on todays streaming platforms.

Where to start:
‘We All Move Together’ – Feel good anthem featuring Idris Elba
‘Your Love On Me’ – Strong chords and robust basslines
‘Need Your Love’ – Massive vocals from Steffanie Christi’an

Previous from Inner City:
Paradise LP (1996, Virgin)
Praise LP (1992, Virgin)

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Inner City’s We All Move Together LP is out now on Armada Music.