ROTW: Jacques Renault - BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions

American DJ, producer, promoter and label owner Jacques Renault has become an essential piece of the USA’s disco tinged house culture. And his latest record titled BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions only cements him into the genre’s long and history etched foundations. At ten tracks in length the album is just long enough to offer something eclectic that can also be consistent. With an overall description you could label the record as a crossover of old school house and disco with the

ROTW: Jacques Renault - BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions

modern day production techniques that Jacques has access to. You even have tracks like ‘Don’t Wanna Stop’ that sound like they could have been lifted straight from a dancefloor in 1985. The record is a big statement for Jacques’ legacy, and also for the seriousness of Let’s Play House, telling the world that niche labels can still be ran the right way.

Where to start:
‘Let Me Jacq’ – Bright, vibey synth melodies with plenty of roughed up drum grooves
‘Java Harem’ – Thumping house beat that serves up big percussion and vocal sound
’Never Say Never’ – Nostalgic acid basslines and fortified synth chords

Previous from Jacques Renault:
Zentrum LP (2015, Let’s Play House)
LPH___VI EP (2018, Let’s Play House)

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Jacques Renault ‘BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions’ is out now on Let’s Play House.