ROTW: Jayda G - Significant Changes

Perhaps Canada’s best-kept secret, the now Berlin-based house talent Jayda G has travelled to London to hand off her debut album to the Ninja Tune team, and the time has arrived for us to enjoy it in full. Titled Significant Changes and boasting nine tracks the record is a Chicago tinged house anthem that offers up romantic melody writing and a lo-fi crust on the drum work. Though the relaxed rhythms on tracks like Renewal and the caressing simplicity of Orca’s Reprise show this is far from just a basic

ROTW: Jayda G - Significant Changes

club record, with plenty of detailed listening pleasure to go around. Three of the tracks also feature vocal work from Jayda’s previous collaborator Alexa Dash. So fans of past cuts such as IGA and Diva Bitch will be well accommodated for.

Where to start:
‘Stanley’s Get Down’ – Sultry club jam with a funky bassline
‘Orca’s Reprise’ – Tons of wide open key and string harmonies
‘Sunshine In The Valley’ – Broken drums, foggy melodies and a rhythmic topline

Previous from Jayda G:
Jaydaisms EP (2018, JMG Recordings)
Diva Bitch EP (2018, JMG Recordings)

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Jayda G – Significant Changes is out now on Ninja Tune.