ROTW: Jessy Lanza - Love Hallucination

Canadian singer and producer Jessy Lanza recently made a welcomed return to Kode9’s seminal Hyperdub imprint, a label which has previously brought us stellar productions from the likes of Burial, Four Tet, Ikonika, and Laurel Halo. Her latest ‘Love Hallucination’ LP marks her fourth career studio album to date, and also her fourth with Hyperdub. It brings a hybrid dance sound which boasts house, garage, nu disco, and more, and features some incredible vocal work from the now Los Angeles

ROTW: Jessy Lanza - Love Hallucination

based artist. Across the board the record is pretty much a fun and upbeat affair of punchy club drums, hypnotic breaks, and mood-lifting melodies – though at times does steer towards the introspective side of things, particularly in the lyrical content. Whether you’re a fan of straight to the point club music, or the more thought-provoking dancey end of the spectrum, this one is quite likely guaranteed to tick a few boxes, and there’s also a couple of leftfield genres that pop up here and there to keep you engaged.

Where to start:
Midnight Ontario: Introspective garage sound with hypnotic breaks
Don’t Leave Me Now: Dreamy top line meets brightened synth sounds
Gossamer: Relaxed rhythms and soul-tinged vocal work

Previous from Jessy Lanza:
All The Time LP (2020, Hyperdub)
Pull My Hair Back LP (2013, Hyperdub)

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Jessy Lanza – Love Hallucination LP is out now on Hyperdub.