ROTW: Kaivon - Awakening

Los Angeles-based trap and bass producer Kaivon has seen quite a bit of success with past releases on labels like Dim Mak Records, Ultra Music, and Ram Records, and his latest ‘Awakening’ LP delivers his most impressive and ambitious project to date. Following a number of issues related to mental health, in part from the drink, drug, and party-fuelled lifestyle that commonly comes with being a touring DJ, Kaivon decided to get sober, and has been so for the past two years. ‘Awakening’ is a

ROTW: Kaivon - Awakening

product of his experience of pursuing a more grounded and healthy life, one which leans on introspective thought to manage his problems, rather than short lived coping mechanisms. The album combines genres that any existing Kaivon fans will already be pretty familiar with, trap, bass, and wave music flow throughout, and there’s a healthy balance of dark-natured, bass-heavy sounds and the more uplifting, supersaw-tinged side of trap. Tracks like ‘Lost’, ‘I Know’, and ‘Love Is Blind’ goes big on the Flume side of bass music, while ‘It’s Not Too Late’ and ‘Everything’ will appeal more to fans of the Seven Lions sound. An extensive album tour will accompany the record, with shows in Orlando, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and other major US cities set to run from September 9th through December 23rd. Kaivon has also partnered with the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention for the tour, with hopes to spread a positive message through his music.

Where to start:
Hollywood Hills: Filtered synth melodies and chunky percussive hits
Love Is Blind: Uplifting climax of rolling kick drums and piercing snares
Awakening: Whistling melodies and dense low end rumbles

Previous from Kaivon:
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You’ll Never Be Alone (2021, Ultra)

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Kaivon – Awakening LP is out now on Lowly.