ROTW: Khotin - Release Spirit

Canadian artist Khotin is known for his previous work on 4AD, Slam City Jams, and Ghostly International, and this month he returns to the latter once more to release his latest long player, ‘Release Spirit’. The album consists of 11 tracks in total and brings dreamy melodic, and introspective sounds that are uniquely Khotin. Produced after moving back home to Edmonton and redefining his sound following a stint in Vancouver, ‘Release Spirit’ showcases Khotin’s growth and experimentation in

ROTW: Khotin - Release Spirit

his both a personal and professional sense. The album’s title is inspired by the “release spirit” mechanic in World of Warcraft, and it’s clear that Khotin has tapped into something meaningful for the soundscapes. With hollow percussive knocks, metallic synth resonance, softened breakbeats, and dense synth bass, the tracks present a polished yet playful experience. His collaboration with Nik Kozub for the engineering side of the things has resulted in a cohesive and well-crafted collection, which highlight Khotin’s strengths as a producer. Overall, it’s is a strong addition to the Canadians discography, and it’s clear that he’s continuing to evolve his sound with each new studio album he brings out.

Where to start:
Lovely: Skipping drum loops echo beneath glistening synth pads
Sound Gathering Trip: Introspective piano melodies and glitching found sounds
Fountain, Growth: Bubbling acid synths meet dreamy vocals from Tess Roby

Previous from Khotin:
Finds You Well LP (2020, Ghostly International)
New Tab LP (2018, Pacific Rhythm)

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Khotin – Release Spirit is out now on Ghostly International.