ROTW: Kino Todo - Chances

Tel-Aviv based artist Kino Todo has proven time and time again that he has the musical chops to stand among the best, with past releases on labels like Disco Halal, DGTL, Life And Death, and City Slang, we’ve seen him develop an attentive following and since late 2022 he’s been heading up his own imprint in Pop Tomorrow. The same label is also responsible for his debut long player, ‘Chances’. The album brings club-leaning soundscapes in a shortened form factor, and it works brilliantly. 2 of the 11

ROTW: Kino Todo - Chances

tracks are brief interludes, and overall it only ends up at 32 minutes in total, so there isn’t too much to go around, but what there is, is great. Combining electronic, juke, house, hiphop, and breaks, the project stretches across a pretty wide palette of sounds, though with a subtle consistency that’s quite hard to pin point – but definitely keeps things flowing seamlessly from track to track. Almost all the full tracks feature vocals, with Reo Cragun, Sima Noon, Marko East, Elevata E, and Miluhska being highlights. Overall it’s a versatile record and the majority of people will probably skip past a few tracks given the number of different genres, though as a whole it’s definitely worth your time, and at least two or three playthroughs.

Where to start:
2004: Snappy breaks meet uplifting top line from Miluhska
Too Long: Harmonising synth progressions and vocoded vocal work
Zone: Bass heavy club sound with heavily processed vocals

Previous from Kino Todo:
Gidafi Na EP (2019, Blue Shadow)
Space Sum EP (2021, Blue Shadow)

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Kino Todo – Chances LP is out now on Pop Tomorrow.