ROTW: KOAN Sound - Polychrome

Jim Bastow and Will Weeks return after a three year hiatus with their debut album as KOAN Sound. Coming via their very own Shoshin imprint, the 11-track record brings the best of everything the duo have previously been known for. Glitchy drum patterns, thick and swampy low end tones and a truly clean cut production quality let the album come to life. When talking about the album, the pair said “We wanted the album to be listenable but also work live at the same time, that was the hardest

ROTW: KOAN Sound - Polychrome

part. We made every track as a cinematic piece; each one tells a story. There isn’t a lot of repetition in terms of structure and arrangement, and each progresses in such a way that we can play it live in its entirety.” The inclusion of dreamy soundscapes and emotive atmospherics are what really pulls you in, and the usual KOAN Sound pace in the foundation almost acts as a magnet for the rest of the sounds. It’s taken the pair three years to put this record together, and it shows in the final product. You can’t rush true quality and it’s a welcome thing in todays scene.

Where to start:
‘Viridian Dream’ – Swiftly pacing drums in a sticky glitchhop arrangement
‘Hydroplane’ – Drum’n’bass focused tune with incredible sound design
‘Drift’ – Sternly placed drum hits and smooth orchestral influences

Previous from KOAN Sound:
Forgotten Myths EP (2015, Shoshin)
Sanctuary EP (2013, Inspected)

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KOAN Sound’s Polychrome is out now on their Shoshin imprint.