ROTW: Kornél Kovács - Stockholm Marathon

One of Stockholm’s most beloved house talents, Kornél Kovács, is returning for the release of his second studio album and as with the first, it will come via his own imprint Studio Barnhus. The 8-track Stockholm Marathon LP is a pop-tinged, fiery house record that combines a ton of eclectic influences, from UK-esque vocal chops on Baltzar to the whirling synth melodies on Ducks, it’s a special blend that few could pull off in good faith. When talking about the album, Kovács said “It was a pretty

ROTW: Kornél Kovács - Stockholm Marathon

strange time for me and I found myself reflecting a lot on this beautiful, boring city I never quite managed to move away from, on past relationships, experiences. I started experimenting with a combination of two well-tested ways of feeling better: making music and spending time with friends.” On multiple tracks he has also called upon the vocal skills of Sweden’s pop duo Rebecca & Fiona, which is most apparent on both Purple Skies and Marathon.

Where to start:
‘Purple Skies’ – Romanticising album opener with snappy drums and a wispy top line
‘Ducks’ – Nostalgic sound design, dreamy melodies and racing arps
‘Baltzar’ – Heavy on the low end and generous on the vibey vocal chops

Previous from Kornél Kovács:
The Bells LP (2016, Studio Barnhus)
Radio Koko EP (2015, Numbers)

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Kornél Kovács’ Stockholm Marathon LP is out now on Studio Barnhus.