ROTW: Lauer - Answers 2 Trouble

If there was ever a current day incarnation of ‘80s synth music, it would most certainly resemble German studio maestro Philipp Lauer. His work under projects like Tuff City Kids, Black Spuma, and Lauer have traversed decades of different styles and genres of music, with his most recent Answers 2 Trouble LP delivering a slice of the ‘80s straight to your speakers in 2021. It arrives on Permanent Vacation, one of dance musics top labels, and one which has previously released works from names

ROTW: Lauer - Answers 2 Trouble

like Auntie Flo, Tensnake, DMX Krew, and Todd Terje. When it comes to sound, it’s very much what you would expect from an album that’s labelled as being a throwback to previous decades, back to basics, no fancy ingredients, and a straight up groovefest. In the past, the straight forward nature of electronically produced tracks was due to technical limitations, with even the most equipped studios being limited to handle a certain number of channels, today, it’s simply because it sounds great. From the nine inclusions on Answers 2 Trouble, three of them include credited features, with Jasnau, Dena, and Fabrizio Mammarella all pitching in. Jasnau contributing a vocal line to “Ghost’ which would have most people fooled as being a sample straight off an ‘80s dance track itself. Below you can find our recommended starting points for this one, including some previous album releases from Lauer, and a few similar records that’s worth checking out.

Where to start:
Ghost – Nostalgic bliss in the form of a Jasnau vocal line
Altalenanti – Italo inspired synth melodies and rhythmic basslines
Switec – Resonant basslines and dreamy synth pads take control here

Previous from Lauer:
Power LP (2018, Running Back)
Borndom LP (2015, Permanent Vacation)

If you like this then check out:
Nachtbraker – When You Find A Stranger In The Alps (2018, Quartet Series)
CINTHIE – Skylines – Citylights (2020, Simple Records / AUS Music)

Lauer – Answers 2 Trouble is out now on Permanent Vacation.