ROTW: Lawrence - Illusion

Berlin based DJ, producer and label owner, Peter Kersten has given the past several decades to his Lawrence project through the release of his music on Kompakt, Ghostly International, Mule Musiq and NovaMute. Now he will make a return to his very own Dial Records for the first time since 2013, a label he has successfully run alongside Carsten Jost and Turner since its launch back in 1999. Titled Illusion, the nine track album will showcase the impressive and eclectic production traits that Lawrence can

ROTW: Lawrence - Illusion

offer. With deep house, ambient electronica, and subtle techno sounds all sitting at the forefront of the double 12″ and digital LP, it has a little bit of everything within the electronic music spectrum, Lawrence mixes this with bespoke field recordings and acoustic instruments to really deliver a one of a kind record.

01. Crystal
02. Treasure Box
03. Illusion
04. Yu Yu
05. Flaunting High
06. Transitions
07. Dark Swirl
08. Montreux
09. Creepers

Where to start:
‘Treasure Box’ – Snappy drums and tight synth envelopes
‘Flaunting High’ – Glowing organ synths surrounded by warming basslines
‘Dark Swirl’ – The darkest atmospherics on the album

Previous from Lawrence:
Yoyogi Park LP (2016, Mule Musiq)
A Day In The Life LP (2014, Mule Musiq)

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Lawrence – Illusion is out now on his Dial Records label.