ROTW: Lost Souls of Saturn - Reality

Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa combine the best of Detroit and New York club music with the second studio album from their collaborative Lost Souls of Saturn project, ‘Reality’. The first long player to drop from the pair arrived back in 2018 on R&S Records, and this time they bring eight new productions which cover everything from jazz and electronica, to IDM and techno. The 45-minute run time delivers the deeply esoteric and subtly introspective story of John and Frank, two comic characters whose

ROTW: Lost Souls of Saturn - Reality

journey through the galaxy brings them to ‘Reality’. Firmly rooted drum hits, loopy synth riffs, and softened vocals come and go throughout the tracklist, which features Lvv Gvn, Adam Ohr, and Detroit band Protomartyr.

Where to start:
Metro Cafe: Dense drum hits and intricately evolving synth work
Click: Glitchy broken drum grooves and a romantic topline
Mirage: Grungy, slow-chugging electronic cut

Previous from Lost Souls of Saturn:
Lost Souls of Saturn LP (2018, R&S Records)
Holes in the Holoverse EP (2019, R&S Records)

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Lost Souls of Saturn – Reality LP is out now on Holoverse Research Labs.