ROTW: Luke Vibert - GRIT.

One of Britains most decorated and perhaps under appreciated electronic music producers returns once more, as the always intriguing Luke Vibert releases his 18th studio album, ‘GRIT.’. The 12-track project arrives on British label Hypercolour, an imprint with which Vibert has released with many times, and who brings a catalogue of works from names like Special Request, Tom Demac, DMX Krew, and Space Dimension Controller, to name a few. ‘GRIT.’ goes heavy on the acid, and

ROTW: Luke Vibert - GRIT.

weaves its way thorough a number of our favourite electronic genres, primarily electro and house, with a few more subtle glimpses of jungle, garage, and techno in places. It’s certainly built with the dancefloor in mind, though thanks to its incredibly well polished mix downs and at times trippy soundscapes, we can see it working in almost any environment, though you would be putting yourself at a lose to only listen to it on a laptop or phone speaker. Perhaps the most impressive trait the record brings is Vibert’s sense of rhythm, armed with little more than a few punchy drum samples and a 303, he creates a world of sound that will have you dancing til sunrise. And we can definitely see tracks like Gas Logs and Swingeing Cuts sending a few crowds into raptures come 3am.

Where to start:
Gas Logs: Glistening resonance and fattened drum hits
Grit: Heavily filtered synth work and rhythmic hats
Swingeing Cuts: Peak time club cut with a heavy low end

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Luke Vibert – GRIT. LP is out now on Hypercolour.