ROTW: Mark Pritchard - The Four Worlds

An 8-track mini-album from one of the founding partners of Global Communication (alongside Tom Middleton) who is rightfully revered as one of the most accomplished producers in electronic music. With a career spanning almost three decades that has seen his talents applied to nearly every conceivable genre of electronic music from hardcore to drum ‘n’ bass and grime to techno, The Four Worlds is Mark Pritchard’s second album under his birth name for Warp Records.

ROTW: Mark Pritchard - The Four Worlds

Despite opening with an 11-minute four-four workout, it slow-dives deep into into a multiform labyrinth of piano-led soundscapes, ambient textures and abstract minimalism with a couple of positively obscure collaborations along the way providing some vocal context for the listener to hang their ears on. If this is your first exploration of Mark Pritchard, it’s without doubt a great place to begin, but do yourself and favour and dig into his rich and varied back catalogue, you’ll not be disappointed.

Where to start:
‘Glasspops’ – epic album opener with the only-four four beats on the album.
‘Come Let Us’ – featuring renowned radio artiste Gregory Whitehead.
‘S.O.S.’ – featuring The Space Lady in intergalactic chatter with alien lifeforms.

Previous from Mark Pritchard:
Mark Pritchard – Under the Sun.
Global Communication – 76:15.

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Mark Pritchard’s The Four Worlds is available now on Warp Records.