ROTW: Max Cooper - Unspoken Words

British producer Max Cooper has mastered the art of using texture as an instrument. Bending percussive transients and twisting the resonant edge of synth melodies to find his desired sound, pair this with his ability to create harmonising chord progressions and cosmic-esque soundscapes, and you have an output that’s incredibly refreshing and his no problem rising above the noise. This month finds Cooper make a return to his Mesh imprint, a label where previous

ROTW: Max Cooper - Unspoken Words

releases have come from heavy hitters like Om Unit, Patrice Baumel, Rival Consoles, and joeFarr. Releasing his new Unspoken Words LP, Max brings 13 new productions to the label, including two features from LA-based artist Kotomi. Merging elements of electronic, ambient, and house in an avant-garde manner, the project brings a well-polished, yet equally emotive, listening experience. Alongside the aural side, each track is also accompanied by its own bespoke short film, which collectively are available on a Blu-ray disc that’s included with the CD format of the album. Talking about the album, Max said “I find existing inside my mind to be a sometimes beautiful, sometimes intense, sometimes abrasive, messy, baffling, relentless experience, and I’ve tried to put as much of that feeling and form as I could into the album.”

Where to start:
A Model Of Reality: Deep, playful percussive rhythms and filtered synth lines
Spectrum: Colourful chord melodies and textured percussion come together
Everything: Glistening synth work, harmonising melodies, and punchy drum hits

Previous from Max Cooper:
One Hundred Billion Sparks LP (2018, Mesh)
Emergence LP (2016, Mesh)

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Max Cooper – Unspoken Words LP is out now on Mesh.