ROTW: Max Cooper - Yearning For The Infinite

London based Irishman Max Cooper is back in our newsfeed, this time for the release of his fourth studio album, Yearning For The Infinite. The project was commissioned by London artists institution Barbican, in line with their 2019 theme ‘Life Rewired’. The album was previously debuted at the Barbican back in September with an audiovisual live show performed by Cooper, but now gets a full 14-track release. Featuring work from British composer Tom Hodge, Scottish folk artist James Yorkston, pop-

ROTW: Max Cooper - Yearning For The Infinite

talent Alison Moyet and Six Sigma, the record brings a lot of experimentation and eclectic song writing, while still sounding exactly like a Max Cooper production. From the drumless inclusions like ‘Let There Be’ and ‘Circular’ to the harmonising electronic gems in ‘Aleph 2’ and ‘Penrose Tiling’ to the fiery club heaters in ‘Nano Tech’ and ‘Void’, there is a little something for all tastes and pleasures, connected by Max’s unrelenting pursuit to bend sound to its absolute limits.

“I wanted to take the whole idea of human progress, and boil it down to its essence, our seemingly endless desire to move forwards somehow, as individuals and as a species. Our yearning for the infinite as a system for creating goals that can never be reached, as a means for creating an endless source of meaning in our lives, because what would you do if you had nothing left to do!?”

Where to start:
‘Let There Be’ – Blissfully melodic, drum-free album opener
‘Perpetual Motion’ – Energising chords and sonically pure percussive spills
‘Void’ – Thumping club drums with a lean acid bassline

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Max Cooper’s Yearning For The Infinite LP is out now on MESH.