ROTW: Mente Orgánica - El Espacio

Mente Orgánica’s latest album offering comes in the form of a delicate, yet equally adventurous, 8-track collection of organic and spiritual house sounds titled El Espacio. The project follows releases like his 2018 Ojos LP, which arrived on Fertil Discos, though this time comes on Earthly Measures, a label which marks its debut into the world of releasing long players. It features work from Turista, as well as opera singer Katy Prado, with the latter collaboration producing Eagle, one of the best tracks

ROTW: Mente Orgánica - El Espacio

included on the album. Everything from the live percussion and deep, rhythmic basslines to the emotive melodies and warming drum grooves comes to life on El Espacio, keeping a consistent flow of energy that not only connects one track to the next, but keeps boredom clear of any future listening session that might involve this one. Below we have included our recommended starting points for El Espacio, including previous projects from Mente Orgánica and some other albums worth your time.

Where to start:
Dame Un Segundo: Warm, bubbling low end and rich synth textures
Eagle: Stern drum hits, crunching percussion and hypnotising vocals
Huanini: Back to basics grooves meet an organic approach to house music

Previous from Mente Orgánica:
Ojos LP (2018, Fertil Discos)
Que Se Vayan, Nosotros Seguimos LP (2019, Mente Orgánica)

If you like this then check out:
Tim Engelhardt – Idiosynkrasie LP (2020, Stil Vor Talent)
HVOB – Trialog LP (2015, Tragen Records)

Mente Orgánica – El Espacio is out now on Earthly Measures.