ROTW: Mikron - Severance

Orbital, Disclosure, Austen/Scott, there’s something special about siblings who get in the studio together and make great music, a bond that goes beyond the usual relationships of band mates and studio companions. One such double act is Irish born brothers Michael and Ciaran Corcoran, otherwise known as Mikron. The pair return with their second long player, following on from the 2016 release of Warning Score which came via the Sheffield based Central Processing Unit imprint, this

ROTW: Mikron - Severance

one is titled Severance and arrives on the same label. The 11-track record combines a varied palette of sounds, with everything from tightly fitted snares and dreamy vocal samples to wide open synth soundscapes and warping percussion, it’s what one might imagine Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman project could have sounded like if he hadn’t taken so many drugs in his earlier years. One thing that certainly stands out is the drum rhythms, this is thankfully not a record that looks to the standard 4/4 format for support.

Where to start:
‘Aldergrove’ – Glitching drum rhythms and softened melodic chimes
’Sunken Paths’ – Calming percussion hides subtle vocal whispers
‘Embers’ – Downtempo acid riffs dance around acute drum snaps

Previous from Mikron:
Warning Score LP (2016, CPU)
Foresight EP (2016, Zone)

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Mikron – Severance is out now on Central Processing Unit.