ROTW: Miyagi - Good Night Planet

German producer Miyagi wraps up 2021 with the release of his third career studio album, this time dropping his new Good Night Planet LP on Berlin label Katermukke. Previously Miyagi has made appearances on Einmusika Recordings, Lost Diaries, Acker Records, and Ritter Butzke Records, and his new album is likely to be his best work to date, at least in our opinion. On the label front, Katermukke are no stranger to handling top shelf club sounds either, with their past releases including

ROTW: Miyagi - Good Night Planet

outings from a number of Europe’s leading house producers, such as Ante Perry, Matchy, Rafael Cerato, and label boss Dirty Doering. Good Night Planet falls into that dreamy corner between chunky deep tech and soft, harmonising progressive, with a slew of gentle percussive rhythms and filtered melodies, met by an equally generous amount of punchy kick drums and roaring bass tones. It also features collaborative contributions from Shawni, Allies For Everyone, Haptic, and Eleonora, in the form of well balanced, and highly emotive top line vocals. From the dimly lit dancefloor of your favourite club, to the open air festival stage, as well as your own headphone-aided home listening playlist, there’s more than enough on this one for you to enjoy.

Where to start:
Runaway: Deep and progressive blend of melody and percussion
Sleeping On Jupiter: Big drum grooves and vocals from Eleonora
Wanderer: Textured mid bass and stretched guitar plucks

Previous from Miyagi:
Scene From A Dream LP (2017, Lost Diaries)
Forever LP (2014, Der Turnbeutel)

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Miyagi – Good Night Planet LP is out now on Katermukke.