ROTW: Modeselektor - Who Else

Modeselektor’s fourth studio album has arrived, and the Berlin-based double act have brought a record that spans across techno, house, jungle and breaks which at times is sternly serious and at others is extremely playful. Known for the 50 Weapons label, the Moderat project, Monkeytown Records imprint and their Modeselektion album series, it’s a wonder how they have found the time to work on any new material, but somehow have managed to completely knock it out the park with this one. Features

ROTW: Modeselektor - Who Else

within the 8 tracks on the record include work from Flohio, Tommy Cash and OVS, alongside a ton of great sampling. From their own website, they mention “It has been in the works for two years and was made within a month. It’s a record offering essential Modeselektor, a record formed by experience, self-confidence and the usual madness. It raises a question and answers it straight away.”

Where to start:
‘One United Power’ – Album opener with subtle nostalgia in the sampling
‘WMF Love Song’ – Proper deep drum grooves and tons of bit-crushed filter work
‘Wake Me Up When It’s Over’ – Uplifting, spiritual and romantic atmospherics

Previous from Modeselektor:
Monkeytown LP (2011, Monkeytown)
Modeselektion Vol. 04 (2018, Monkeytown & Ninja Tune)

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Modeselektor – Who Else is out now on vinyl, digital, CD and on streaming services via Monkeytown Records.