ROTW: MoMa Ready - Body 22

New York based creative Wyatt Stevens, known to most people for his work under the monikers of Gallery S and MoMa Ready, has recently released another studio album under the latter mentioned alias. Titled ‘Body 22’, the 17-track record introduces itself as a straight forward blend of house and deep house, though after a couple of tracks it soon finds itself offering up broad, colourful brush strokes of electro, minimal tech, breaks, and rave. The project comes via Stevens’ own

ROTW: MoMa Ready - Body 22

HAUS of ALTR imprint, which he runs alongside fellow New Yorker AceMo, the pair release their own music exclusively on the imprint, with no other artists on the catalogue outside of a couple of feature credits. Labelled as a collection of his productions from 2013 through 2022, the album arrives almost exactly one year on from the release of his ‘Body 21’ LP, which also dropped on HAUS of ALTR back in January 2022. If the ‘Body’ concept is something that Wyatt wants to turn into an annual album series, then we won’t be complaining. This one is definitely worth your time for a full play-through, and we would recommend heading over to the HAUS of ALTR catalogue afterwards for more MoMa Ready sounds.

Where to start:
Groove And Walk: Electrifying resonance and chunky drum grooves
Beauty In Trust: High octane breaks bring raw energy from start to finish
Blessing: Clean cut house drums met with quirky percussive rhythms

Previous from MoMa Ready:
Body 21 LP (2022, HAUS of ALTR)
Soft Hard Body LP (2019, HAUS of ALTR)

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MoMa Ready – Body 22 LP is out now on HAUS of ALTR.