ROTW: Move D - Building Bridges

David Moufang has released music on Compost, International DeeJay Gigolo Records and Warp Records under his Move D project, and has now brought a brand new long-player to Will Saul’s influential Aus Music. Having previously made his debut on the label back in March 2018 with a track on their Inside Out Various Artists album, Moufang now puts out an all-original release with them for the first time. Titled Building Bridges, the album gathers nine of the German producer’s productions that he

ROTW: Move D - Building Bridges

recorded between 1999 and 2019, and in usual Move D fashion, it includes a few collaborations, this time from Magic Mountain High, Benjamin Brunn, Reagenz, Thomas Fehimann and Fred P. Across the tracklist we find an ever-evolving picture of low flung house music that’s downright ambient on some tracks, while being straight-up rhythmic and groovy on others. One of the most interesting parts of the record is the use of Thorn Hoedh’s Alles ist Eins poem on Perpetual State.

Where to start:
‘Dots’ – Mellow house jam with smooth synths and gentle vocal samples
‘Building Bridges’ – Glistening percussion rhythms surrounded by dreamy pads
‘Init’ – Drum focused track that uses filters and ambience to build an arrangement

Previous from Move D:
Kunststoff LP (2006, City Centre Offices)
Work LP (2018, International DeeJay Gigolo)

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Move D – Building Bridges LP is out now on Aus Music.