ROTW: Mr. Bill - Apophenia

Australian production talent Mr. Bill is a truly committed member of the electronic music production community, his Twitch live stream sessions have allowed him to share his studio process with thousands of aspiring artists, and he has even released sample packs and Ableton projects for his fans to enjoy. Stack this on top of his work on top labels like Inspected, Deadbeats and Upscale and you start to quickly understand why he gets such a positive reception. This month found the Sydney

ROTW: Mr. Bill - Apophenia

native release his second full length studio album, following on from the 2014 release of Settling For Mediocrity he delivers the 13-track Apophenia LP. The album finds him return to Deadmau5’s eclectic Mau5trap imprint with a thick blend of glitchhop, melodic progressive, subtle 8-bit and brief glimpses of neurofunk.

Where to start:
‘Ejecta’ – Warm, melodic, ambient-tinged house track
‘Sisyphus’ – Action-packed synth driven club production
‘Option Paralysis’ – Soft keys, light percussion and emotive chords come together here

Previous from Mr. Bill:
Settling For Mediocrity LP (2014, Mr Bill’s Tunes)
The Recency Effect EP (2018, Upscale)

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Mr. Bill’s Apophenia LP is out now on Mau5trap.