ROTW: Nathan Fake - Blizzards

Norfolk-based electronic artist Nathan Fake returns to our feeds with a brand new artist album, and his fifth overall. The 11-track Blizzards LP spans a little over 60 minutes and offers a taste of many flavours, from the driven club sound that’s featured throughout to the lofi crust that comes and goes, though it’s the wide open soundscapes that use panning, reverb and filters that grants us unrestricted access to the playground that is Nathan Fake’s creativity. It’s eclectic nature makes it a record that

ROTW: Nathan Fake - Blizzards

will do just as well on the mainroom dancefloor as it will in your headphones during a commute, or on the living room stereo system on a lazy Sunday, a feat that few artists have ever really managed, but one that Nathan Fake has checked off time and time again throughout his career. From start to finish the sonic clarity is on point, and there’s very little demand to skip any of the tracks, even with the varying styles the subtle consistencies in Fake’s approach to production gels things together in a way that keeps the environment familiar, even when the focal point might change.

Where to start:
‘Cry Me A Blizzard’ – Dust covered soundscape of warm synth work and rhythmic percussion
’Tbilisi’ – Fat kick drums and strong club grooves take over this one
‘North Brink’ – Melancholic chords, broken rhythms and scattered one shots

Previous from Nathan Fake:
Providence LP (2017, Ninja Tune)
Steam Days LP (2012, Border Community)

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Nathan Fake’s Blizzards LP is out now on Cambria Instruments.