ROTW: No Mana - Melted Candy LP

The next generation of team Mau5trap have arrived, and maybe the most impressive is Los Angeles based producer No Mana, with an extremely versatile sound that crosses the boundaries of everything from EDM and progressive to electro and techno. The latest to come from him is Melted Candy, a short form album which includes just six tracks, following Assorted Repetitions it’s his second album of 2018 and his fourth overall. Amongst the tracks we find an array of

ROTW: No Mana - Melted Candy LP

production traits that most producers can only aspire to achieve, his chunky sound design, firmly placed drum transients and intelligent arrangement skills really display his potential in a number of genres. The album even includes a track that sits between the fairly different worlds of psytrance and techno, something you don’t hear too often. Other inclusions offer dreamy progressive chords, harmonising EDM and percussion heavy grooves.

Where to start:
‘In My Mind’ – Uplifting vocal track with strong synth work
‘Bad Things’ – Psytrance driven techno anthem
‘Memories Of Nothing’ – Emotive chord progressions and rhythmic vocal chops

Previous from No Mana:
Assorted Repetitions LP (2018, Mau5trap)
Game Over LP (2016, Mau5trap)

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No Mana – Melted Candy is out now on Mau5trap.