ROTW: Objekt - Cocoon Crush

Born in Tokyo, grown up in Belgium and UK, now based in Berlin, DJ and producer Objekt has remained a versatile and ever evolving life form in the esoteric landscape of IDM, downtempo and electronic. His music has found him venture onto labels like Leisure System, Power Vacuum and Hessle Audio and this month he released the follow up to his debut long player Flatland, returning to the same label of PAN, he serves Cocoon Crush. The 11-track album brings many of his

ROTW: Objekt - Cocoon Crush

renowned production traits, also taking things to an elevated level of sonic clarity and while it isn’t an album for everyone, it will take a selfless ear to really appreciate the sound design, envelope work and ambient harmonies that breathe life into this one. Surrounding a sea of well crafted vibrations, we find tons of tasteful found sounds, this is not a record that relies solely on the quickly sourced talents of a 4/4 drum beat, but quirky experimentation and their highly sought after, rarely achieved results.

Where to start:
’Silica’ – Constantly growing sonic shadows with a massive presence
‘Secret Snake’ – A hunting ambience given life by bright synths
‘Lost And Found’ – Distant, reclusive approach to downtempo production

Previous from Objekt:
Flatland LP (2014, PAN)
Objekt #4 EP (2017, Objekt)

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Objekt’s Cocoon Crush is out now on PAN.