ROTW: Oliver Koletzki - Made Of Wood

Oliver Koletzki has built his Stil Vor Talent imprint into one of Germany’s flagship labels for deep and progressive house music, with releases coming from the likes of Giorgia Angiuli, Rodriguez Jr., Jan Blomqvist, and Rafael Cerato since it first launched back in 2006. It has also been responsible for hosting the majority of his own productions over the years, including his most recent release, his 9th studio album, Made Of Wood. The project was originally started in Tulum, Mexico in 2019, and you can

ROTW: Oliver Koletzki - Made Of Wood

clearly hear the influence his surroundings had on his sound at that time, the resulting product is a record that’s packed with organic, live percussion, spiritual melodies, and soul-touching vocal harmonies. He later finished the album after returning to his studio in Berlin, and connecting with a wide range of artists to feature, including Water Scalzone, Judith Ahrends, Felix Raphael, Wennink, ELIH, and his long time friend and collaborator, Niko Schwind. For any fans of tribalistic, deeply spiritual house music, this one will find itself right at home in your collection, from the illegible vocals on “Copal”, to the almost 15-minute long “A Starseed’s Journey”, and everything in between, there’s tons of solid club sounds to bite into here. Below you can find our recommended starting points for Made Of Wood, as well as some older releases from Oliver Koletzki, and a few similar projects from other artists.

Where to start:
Copal: Rich percussion and bouncing melodies with an oriental touch
Picture: Gentle piano chords, soft-spoken vocals, and wispy drum rhythms
Cryptozoology: Weighted drum grooves and fiery bassline rumbles

Previous from Oliver Koletzki:
The Arc Of Tension LP (2017, Stil Vor Talent)
I Am OK LP (2014, Stil Vor Talent)

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Oliver Koletzki’s Made Of Wood LP is out now on Stil Vor Talent.