ROTW: Overmono - Good Lies

Dynamic British duo Overmono, who are known for pushing solid basslines and introspective soundscapes, finally release their anticipated debut album, ‘Good Lies’. Following the success of ‘So U Kno’ and ‘Is U’, notable festival appearances, and with XL Recordings behind them, the pair are poised to soundtrack everyone’s summer. Clocking in at 13 tracks and with a runtime of 43 minutes, ‘Good Lies’ showcases Overmono’s ability to craft immersive productions which transcend

ROTW: Overmono - Good Lies

all the rules. Orbiting around a UK focused sound which draws influence on garage, breaks, IDM, and jungle, the duo deliver an album that effortlessly combines stripped-back drum grooves, joyful melodies, dense low-end basslines, and pitched-up vocal chops. The album features their standout tracks which have already made waves across YouTube and Spotify, though between the obvious choices in ‘Is U’ and ‘Good Lies’, is the less obvious but equally as impressive tracks like ‘Arla Fearn’, ’Sugarushhh’, and ‘Cold Blooded’. Alongside setting them up for a run of summer album shows, ‘Good Lies’ has solidified Overmono’s place amongst the frontrunners of the UK scene, and showcases their ability to seamlessly blend genres, while maintaining a unique sonic identity.

Where to start:
Arla Fearn: Big basslines, big vocals, big percussive knocks
Good Lies: Upbeat mix of vocal harmonies and synth melodies
Cold Blooded: Pitched up vocals and downtempo drum work

Previous from Overmono:
Everything U Need EP (2020, XL Recordings)
POLY011 EP (2019, Poly Kicks)

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Overmono – Good Lies LP is out now on XL Recordings.