ROTW: Parra For Cuva - Paspatou

Nicolas Demuth grew up in central Germany, learning piano as a boy, he then moved to Berlin where he found the creative freedom he needed to really flourish as Parra For Cuva Since then he has put his sound stamp on the likes of Deliceuse Records, Sinnmusik, Traum, Lenient Tales and Project Mooncircle. He also found commercial success with his rendition of Wicked Games via Spinnin Records, charting in multiple countries including the UK. This month found the German producer release his

ROTW: Parra For Cuva - Paspatou

third album, following the 2014 release of Majouré and 2016’s Darwîś. Titled Paspatou, the long player gathers together 12 delicate productions, with features from May and m.lost. Amongst the tracklist you’ll be treated to vibrant synth production, a wonderful display of crisp percussion and deep, sonically pure drum work. It’s a big step for his maturity as a musician, showing the world he’s serious about what he does.

Where to start:
‘Paspatou’ – Silky guitar leads and dreamy vocals
‘Cleopatra’ – Chilling topline surrounded by superb sound design
‘Miss Is Ou’ – Big drums, warm percussion and excellent harmonies

Previous from Parra For Cuva:
Darwis LP (2016, Project Mooncircle)
Majouré LP (2014, Guesstimate)

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Parra For Cuva’s Paspatou is out now on his own label.