ROTW: Paul Kalkbrenner - Parts Of Life

One of the most relevant names in Berlin’s dance music culture, Paul Kalkbrenner, who is known for dance anthems such as Sky & Sand and Aaron, has released his 8th studio album, Parts Of Life. Following his previous albums like Guten Tag, X and 7, which have placed on multiple top ten charts including Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. The German producer and live artist delivers lavish sound design, powerful drum work and remarkable sonics that span

ROTW: Paul Kalkbrenner - Parts Of Life

fifteen tracks in total. The track titles run Part One to Part Fifteen, which apparently came from Kalkbrenner’s working titles during the production process. The album is released on Sony International and is Paul’s second major label outing. It combines his usual production traits with a refreshing approach and formidable clarity and is equally fitting for a club, festival, train journey, flight, park, hike or work.

Where to start:
‘Part Three’ – Rave ready cut with strong synth melodies and thumpin’ techno drums
‘Part Six’ – Gorgeous topline that sits amongst glowing synths and typical PK drums
‘Part Thirteen’ – Trippy grooves built from processed vocals and shaky percussion

Previous from Paul Kalkbrenner:
Paul Kalkbrenner – 7 (2015, Sony Music)
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Paul Kalkbrenner – Parts Of Life is out now on Sony International.