ROTW: Phase Fatale - Scanning Backwards

For New York born DJ and producer Hayden Payne, a move to Berlin was not just a matter of personal growth, but a professionally motivated decision. The now Berghain resident has made massive strides both in the studio and behind the decks, and his brand new Scanning Backwards LP is one of the best techno-electro-IDM hybrids we’ve come across in recent times. Following the 2017 release of his debut album Redeemer on Hospital Productions, Payne delivers an 8-track record that

ROTW: Phase Fatale - Scanning Backwards

showcases his improved ability to bend sound and craft infectious club-encouraged arrangements. The tracklist varies across aggressive industrial techno, dense electro floor stompers and somewhat leftfield IDM. In the thick of it, the fright-inducing soundscapes create a ‘lambs to the slaughter’ like ambience, a marching order of kick drums that symbolise a queue of unlucky unsoul’s waiting to meet their end. The album brings Payne back to Ostgut Ton, the official imprint of Berghain and a label that has previously released Etapp Kyle, Ben Klock, Ryan Elliot and nd_baumecker.

Where to start:
‘Velvet Imprints’ – Rough’d up electro stomper
‘Mass Deception’ – Big drums pierce a seemingly endless wall of sound
’Splintered Heels’ – Thick basslines, punchy snares and chilling synth ambience

Previous from Phase Fatale:
Redeemer LP (2017, Hospital Productions)
Reverse Fall EP (2018, Ostgut Ton)

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Phase Fatale’s Scanning Backwards LP is out now on Ostgut Ton.